Mascot of luck and peace.

The pig is one of the 12 animals that represent the 12-year cycle of Diazhi in many calculations related to Can Chi of the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. It is associated with the Zodiac Pig. Those who believe in Chinese astrology always associate animals with personal characteristics and characteristics.

For the Vietnamese and Chinese, the pig is personified through the fictional half-human, half-pig character Tru Bat Gioi, a god in Heaven, in the famous story Journey to the West. In Vietnamese culture, the pig is a symbol of abundance, comfort, goodness and luck.

Ethnic people in Vietnam have a legend that Pu Luong Quan of the Tay ethnic group in Cao Bang tells about the couple Bao Luong and Sao Cai, after having grown a lot of rice, they thought of going to the forest to catch wild boars to raise. The forest is called Dong Giao (forest of wild pigs), the place where pigs are raised is called Chong Mu village (Bom pig hamlet), the field where potatoes are grown to raise pigs is called Ba Non (Doc potato field), which may be Tay residents. Ancient Vietnamese originated from the ancient Vietnamese people after the dissolution of the Van Lang state.

You can easily see the image of the pig in the folk paintings of Dong Ho, Hang Trong, Kim Hoang, etc. It is familiar and close to people’s lives and perceptions. The pig in the traditional culture concept belongs to the peaceful, courteous m line, gives birth in full herds, so the element of prosperity is promoted in folk paintings, wishing the new year a lot of luck, children and grandchildren are happy, blessing. The picture of a pig and herd is a symbol of affluence, fullness, and prosperity.

Mascot for luck and happiness together

The birth of IPH coin

Currently, the rapid development of strains of Covid-19 is spreading to countries around the world. Up to now, the number of cases worldwide has reached 164 million, of which more than 3.4 million have died.

Typically, new strains of viruses are raging in India. Therefore, disease support programs are increasingly widespread. Especially the birth of Iron Pig Hero as a charity fund with the goal of benefiting the earth and repelling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Iron Pig Hero was created based on BEP-20 technology and distributed on its platform. And there have been the latest developments from this cryptocurrency.

Iron Pig Hero team members absolutely believe in adding long-term value to owners as well as having a strong positive impact on today’s pandemic.

New opportunity to develop and expand the market

How to own an IPH

We will see that IPH will be listed on different exchanges like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and some others.

With a convenient interface, IPH participants can also buy directly through IPH‘s website, which will be provided when the buyer makes a transaction.

Participants will click buy and when the customer appears, enter his wallet address, IPH will automatically transfer money to the buyer’s wallet.


Name: Iron Pig Hero

Token Code: IPH

Technology: BEP-20

Unique features of IPH

Transparency: all money belongs to the community, 100% community driven.

Can’t withdraw: Once the buyer has transacted and made the exchange, it is completely impossible to withdraw and permanently locked for IPH‘s charity purposes, and there has been a notice from the beginning

Automated Liquidation: A 2% fee is sent for liquidity on an ever-increasing floor price.

That’s why the birth and the thought of the story of the birth of Iron Pig Hero has a lot of unique values to be able to repel the pandemic that the whole world is fighting with.