Cryptocurrencies are trending well

In recent years, the virtual currency market has grown strongly and has become a fertile ground for investors, despite many risk warnings. We can know the ‘hot’, large-cap and most-traded virtual currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, iron pig hero,… Here is some basic information about the coins that are the hottest trends at the moment.

Binance Coin: issued by the Binance exchange in 2019. This coin is run on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The original purpose of the creation of Binance Coin was to reduce transaction costs on the Binance exchange. As Binance gradually became more and more popular, this cryptocurrency was used for trading on Binance Chain. Binance Coin can be exchanged into other cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin: with the dog symbol Shiba Inu was created by 2 software engineers in 2013, to joke about the booming cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin is considered a leader in the trend of playing pet-type virtual currency, which is coins/tokens that use the satirical image of human pets. Once considered “junk rubbish”, with only a price of 0.06 USD, Dogecoin suddenly became one of the popular coins in the cryptocurrency world, equally interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum…

And there are many other coins that have also grown very strongly in recent times. Iron Pig Hero was born with many noble goals for the whole world. (will be introduced in the next section)

IRON PIG HERO: The currency that protects the world from covid-19 pandemic

Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic is raging everywhere, new strains are developing, so it has caused countless human losses in general and economic development in particular.

Up to now, the number of cases in the world has reached 164 million, of which more than 3.4 million have died. This is considered a dangerous pandemic because a vaccine is being developed and surely the price for a vaccine dose will be very high. This is probably very difficult for developing countries

Because of the above reasons, to protect the interests of the affected community and contribute to protecting the world, the Iron Pig Hero (IPH) cryptocurrency was born.

 Iron Pig Hero appears as a charity fund with the goal of benefiting the Earth and repelling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Iron Pig Hero

IPH Missions.

The Pig is known for his image of being fat, eating well, bathing, and doing nothing. The joy of loving life always brings luck to the owner when we own them.

Therefore, from such inspirations, the Iron Pig Hero cryptocurrency was born. Iron Pig Hero stands out with the image of a heroic pig with a relaxed but proud and calm demeanor showing steadfastness and not worrying about life’s problems. It carries a huge mission as well as brings passive income to investors. The developers share that because the pig symbol is a symbol of prosperity, leisure, and affluence. People also use the image of a pig as a financial symbol

How to own an IPH

As announced, we can buy IPH directly on the Pancake Swap exchange.

If the owner is having trouble buying on the above exchanges, they can choose to buy right on the IPH website to be redirected to the Pancake Swap exchange. Iron Pig Hero teams will try to develop the easiest interface for users.

In the next stages, IPH will be listed on exchanges like Yobit, ChainS, BitPay, Binance, Huobi, etc. and players can own IPH on these exchanges.

Where to create a wallet & store IPH coins?

As far as we know, IPH is developed based on the BEP-20 platform, so you can store it on wallets that support BEP-20 standards, so you can store it in most current standard wallets now like:

  • Trust wallet
  • Metamask wallet

We know that investment always has potential risks, but as a smart investor, you will know which projects are worth investing in and bring the most profit for you with your own capital management. Iron Pig Hero for charity purposes will have great potential for development.