With the trend of using cryptocurrencies, the crypto exchanges of investors and the scarcity of the coin lead to it increasing in price ‘dizzily’. This is a lucrative market for investors. White Dragon is a new sprout among many ‘mature’ coins, but it has not lost its value. Read this article to find out more information!!!

Animal coins are increasing in price


From the coin that is considered a “joke”, Dogecoin gradually asserts itself when continuously increasing in price

The fever of investors caused Doge to peak at $0.73 per coin in early May, up 13.00% from the beginning of the year and make it the world’s fourth-largest virtual currency with a market capitalization of nearly $70 billion.

Doge received attention thanks to a series of tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


Goat coin is a cryptocurrency in the Aquagoat.Finance ecosystem

Released on April 7, 2021

Currently, this coin is being interested in many investors due to the impact of a post by Mark Zuckerberg.

White Dragon coin has potential in the future

WDG is a token built on a decentralized platform, scheduled to launch in June 2021, and is based in the UK.

Advantages of WDG coin

Low transaction costs, fast transaction speed: Litecoin’s transaction speed is 30 minutes, Bitcoin’s is 60 minutes… In order to save transaction time, White Dragon was born with a much faster speed and lower transaction fees

Supported on major and reputable Defi platforms

Large user community: because the task is to protect the endangered dragon species, it will surely be trusted and supported by many people in the future.

Passive farming when 3% of the transactions are allocated to the holders

Optimizing community profits: always giving users the best features

Completely decentralized

Own NFT through WDG token

White Dragon Charity Foundation

White Dragon realizes that recent artworks have not been widely distributed to the community, gradually falling into oblivion and not realizing the value it brings.

For this reason, the White Dragon community has researched and developed a technology project aimed at protecting and bringing artworks closer to the community as well as bringing the work back to its true value.

WDG for Charity

The potential of the White Dragon

WDG is one of the coins that will be sought after and can bring a lot of profit to investors

The total supply is limited, so it stimulates investors, improving the value of the WDG coin

Created to raise funds to protect artworks, it will receive a lot of support from the community. This is a great condition for future development

High technology, high technology, and many practical applications help White Dragon have great potential. In addition, the development team is also a part of helping to increase the value of the coin.


White Dragon is a coin released later, but thanks to the mission and seriousness of the issuer, WDG has more potential in the future.

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