Launching the market at the end of 2020, overcoming the deep crisis of the global economy due to the Covid19 pandemic is the operation story of POP game tycoon, EggsBook. Despite being born in a difficult period and facing many limitations, EggsBook has turned challenges into opportunities and maintained its position in the cryptocurrency market and Blockchain Game.

Looking back at EggsBook after nearly a year of officially going into operation, the community can’t help but be surprised by what EggsBook has done and brought to the participants. On the eve of EggsBook’s 1-year-old birthday, let’s review the achievements of this popular Blockchain game.

Achievements of EggsBook after 1 year of operation

Currently, the number of users of the EggsBook system has reached nearly 45 million people worldwide. The EggsBook community is extremely large, considered as a game platform with the largest scale in the global game market. Originating from the UK, Eggsbook quickly dominated the Asia-Pacific market, Russia, EU, Australia,… Up to now, it can be said that EggsBook has been present in almost all major and small economic regions across the planet.

The community knows EggsBook is so large, not everyone participates in its main game platform (virtual fish farming). With a smart marketing strategy, EggsBook has researched and surveyed the market and realized that the same game, the same application of Blockchain technology and the form of cryptocurrency payment, each market is attracted by different forms. That’s one of the biggest reasons for the existence of EggsBook’s rich ecosystem network since its launch. Currently, EggsBook has owned a diverse ecosystem and all have the same growth rate:

Main Game.

Minigame includes 8 main games.

Binary options system.

The 123betnow ecosystem includes a unique live casino system.

In the latest public financial report at the end of the second quarter of 2021, the total sales of the entire EggsBook system increased by 220% compared to the time of the legal separation in early 2021. This proves, the strategy of separating EggsBook to Owned by EggsBook POP Game Ltd. is the best decision of the executive team. In addition, in the last two quarters of 2021, representatives from EggsBook POP Game Ltd company had orientations for the next year of activities.

EggsBook’s Upcoming Journey

According to the latest sharing from EggsBook’s representative with the British media, the remaining time of Eggsbook is the boom time of this POP game. Based on that, the community thinks that Eggsbook will bring surprises during Christmas this year. It is like a great gift to make up for the Christmas season of 2020.

Once again, EggsBook excited the community with the announcement that it would introduce brand new characters to the game, enriching the game’s story. Not only gamers will feel excited about this information, investors also implicitly understand that the launch of new characters or features in the game of Eggsbook also increases their profit opportunities. However, details about the new character in the game such as image, function, gameplay or ownership will remain secret until the right time.

Later this year, the investor community will officially own EBP, EggsBook’s powerful currency. Once launched, EBP will be used throughout the EggsBook ecosystem and especially listed on international exchanges. This is considered as a stepping stone for EBP token to enter the crypto market and soon dominate the Blockchain game market as the ambition of the founders of EggsBook.

Besides the new points in the system, EggsBook does not forget to review and upgrade its existing ecosystems and resources. Binary Options, one of the most loved ecosystems in the Chinese market, will bring more profits through the new feature of social trading. Although social trading is not a new feature, its profitable effect for players is undeniable. And depending on the system and platform, as well as the prestige of the experts working with, the attractiveness of each function will be different for the market. Therefore, this is considered one of the most awaited features of Eggsbook this winter along with the brand new MT4 system coming soon with many attractive promotions.

One year is not a short time for a fledgling business in the process of fighting the Pandemic, but it is also not a long time to make an impact globally. But in a year’s time, EggsBook has done both things that make the market admire. Therefore, to celebrate this memorable milestone, EggsBook will have an explosive birthday event with huge rewards. This is a great opportunity for the EggsBook community to expand and increase profit opportunities for investors who have trusted and accompanied the company during the past time.

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