Starting with 16 million FXT Tokens, FX247 POC has had a strong growth path over the past year. The project soon surpassed the key project, affirming its position on its own path. Let’s take a look at the milestones that Fx247 POC has achieved so far and the future project development roadmap that the developers have recently announced.

The golden points of the project

FX247 POC is a decentralized project that is transparent about cash flow. Allows users to see the project’s escrow fund to build an ecosystem based on fairness between participants and the development team.

Thanks to the advantage of the POC protocol – which determines the reward according to the proportion of participants’ contributions. Users can use devices such as hard drive storage, … to participate in mining cryptocurrencies. The reward will be confirmed based on the user’s contribution proof. From there, it brings the fairest profit to the participants.

Because of these advantages, the newly launched FX247 POC has received great attention from the community and achieved outstanding achievements, Up to now, FX247 POC is still on the journey to realize the planned roadmap from the first day.

The journey passed and the achievements achieved

FX247 POC’s roadmap is divided into 4 parts: Done, Ongoing, Coming Soon, and finally is Long Term Vision.


FX247 has successfully launched FX247 and FX247 POC exchanges in 2020 with more than 1 million visits per day, the trading volume also reaching hundreds of millions. Up to now, FX247 POC has laid the foundation in 6 countries the USA, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, UK with more than 5000 investors trusting and owning FXT Token. Especially growing strongly in Asia and the Middle East.

2021 is a milestone for the FX247 launch through the FXT ITO program. Millions of FXT Tokens have been circulated in the market. The value of FXT Token also increased sharply and up to $0.95 just after the first ITO phase.


The FX247 development team has announced a project roadmap for 2021, with network growth as the ultimate goal.

This project is aiming to increase the number of developers using the network, transaction volume and public awareness of the team’s projects.

The team also included three ‘strategic pillars’ on the list of on-going goals, including developing applications, building an ecosystem, and promoting the sustainable development of the network by connecting partners. in the Americas and Asia markets, expanding the FXT ownership community.

More specifically, FX247 will focus on important features that meet application needs in the ecosystem such as:

  • Integrate FXT storage, transfer and payment functions in the FX247 system
  • Listed on the international exchange JustSwap
  • Researching the global e-commerce ecosystem and launching FXZone e-commerce platform in Europe to help the community directly buy goods with FXT Token.
  • At the same time, the plan is to launch an online casino live system that will give players the experience of betting in Las Vegas.

Coming Soon

With the goals coming up in 2022, FX247 will allow Start-Ups to raise capital and use FXT Token as the official currency to help businesses have more opportunities to develop and experience the leading technology platform.

Besides, co-developing the P2P Lending peer-to-peer lending ecosystem, allowing investors who own FXT to borrow and lend, rotate and increase capital efficiency easily.

In addition, FX247 sets a number of goals to increase ecosystem diversity such as:

  • Expansion of FXZone’s operations in Asia in the luxury goods sector.
  • Research to expand the FXT market through areas such as commerce, electronic payments, etc. will also be carried out in 2022.

Long Term Vision

FX247 also announced its vision and goals for outstanding growth in 2023. The Fx247 team has a great desire to make FXT Token an officially recognized and widely used cryptocurrency worldwide.

Realizing the FXT Token banking model: building and issuing FXT Token storage accounts, allowing cash deposits and withdrawals at affiliated ATMs and approved by European Union countries, becoming popular payments such as Dollars, Euros,… successfully built the world’s first recognized decentralized ecosystem.

What is waiting for FX247 in the future?

If past performance continues, FX247 is sure to have a busy but also promising year. They were able to realize their growth ambitions and complete the strategic pillars of the new roadmap better than they intended.

Although complicated developments from the COVID-19 epidemic are still happening, this is a golden time for the transactions behind the computer to flourish. This is also an opportunity for FX247 POC to seize and move forward in the future.

The supporters of FX247 have always considered its decentralized nature to be the main advantage and strongly believe in the fairness that the project brings. This is also the highlight to help the FX247 ecosystem grow strongly and create an unbreakable link between users and project developers, perhaps FX247 will quickly lead in the near future.

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